Universities in the United States instruct students to write narrative and descriptive essays for the semester. Many take online paper help because they are unable to differentiate between these two essay writing styles. Narrative and descriptive essays are almost similar. Yet, there is a thin line of difference between the two.

It is crucial to know the key differences between the two to avoid deduction of marks in the paper. The top 4 differences between narrative and descriptive essay are:


Narrative Essay: This is a piece of writing that simply narrates a story. It describes the writer’s personal experience or an imaginary incident. It can make you feel like you are writing a real incident. It contains a plot, some characters, and a setting. You may have some trouble writing the essay initially. In that case, take help from affordable paper help providers.

 Descriptive Essay: This includes a lot of descriptions. It can be about a person, an object, a feeling or a place. You need to create a vivid image of your topic by using words. It also includes sensory details such as sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. Check out the online essay samples for more reference if you need university paper writing service.


 Narrative Essays: The introduction of narrative essays is based on suspense. In this kind of essays, you don’t reveal the story all of a sudden. You just need to provide your readers with a hint interesting enough to persuade your readers to read the entire essay.

 Descriptive Essays: The opening paragraph of a descriptive essay is comparatively simpler. You don’t need to create suspense here. On the contrary, it consists of the context of your essay right in the introduction. Your readers can easily understand what your essay is about even before reading the entire piece.


 Narrative Essays: In this kind of essay, you need to use the first person perspective throughout the essay. It is mainly because narrative writing is all about describing a personal experience. You can’t talk about someone else’s point of view here. Everything about narrative essay revolves around your experience.

 Descriptive Essays: Descriptive writing includes descriptions of different places, objects, and people. You can include other’s perspectives to add value to your essay. As a result, you can write descriptive essays in the third person perspective.

Structure of paragraphs

 Narrative Essays: It is better to use a maximum of two sentences in one paragraph of your narrative essay. Keep the paragraphs short and to the point. You don’t have to maintain a strict time frame to talk about an incident in the narrative essays.

 Descriptive Essays: You are allowed to use long paragraphs in the body of your descriptive essays. You can also use dialogues. Make sure you write the details in a chronological sequence and maintain a time frame while writing.

You will find a lot of examples for each type of essay on the Internet. Just go through them and you’ll understand the differences even better. Hopefully, the difference between the two types of an essay is crystal clear to you. Good luck with your writing!