Parents often cite their examples or set examples of eminent personalities to make their kids understand how to succeed in life. With economic globalization on the rise, knowledge has become quite essential to excel in any field of work.

A school is a place of fun for kids. However, the pressure on children to excel in academics is overriding the joy of education and making kids depressed and anxious. Every year, schools and colleges are reframing the academic course and introducing advanced study curriculum to make students outshine in their career. Here are a few adverse effects on kids you must know when they are put under too much academic pressure.

  • Anxiety & Mental Disorders

Kids who feel they are under too much academic pressure often suffer from anxiety. They become insomniac and start developing symptoms of depression. They isolate themselves from social gatherings, parties or other events. They suffer from anxiety and start spending their time alone. This affects their health largely and results in severe mental disorders.

  • Lack of Confidence

Aspiring to bring out the best in your child is good. However, you need to ensure these expectations do not compel your kid to take extreme measures. Many parents imbibe a thought in their child that a school is a place for competition where they have to achieve the 1st rank. This overburdens their minds and the fear of failing to meet the expectation compels them to commit suicide.

  • Adopting Illegal Practices to Excel in Exams

When the focus is to excel in the finals, kids resort to various illegal practices like cheating, stealing notes, etc. Most of the time they are caught by the examiners when they cheat from other classmates or carry scribbled notes with them in the examination hall. Sometimes, they steal notes from the top performing classmates in order to secure good marks.

  • Staying Aloof from Participatory Events

Due to too continuous mental stress, kids feel that they have to be the best of all and feel reluctant to participate in any event. Even if they possess the talent to excel in sports, music or dance, the fear of losing the game constantly restricts them to take part in any event. Unfortunately, they miss the opportunity to show their talent.

  • Wrapping it up

If you want your child to do well in academics, try to help him/her in studies rather than adding to the academic pressure. Explain the subject in the form of storytelling, use effective teaching techniques, gaming puzzles, etc., so that the subject interests your kid.

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