1. Abu

    LatiumX was the first ICO I invested in and unfortunately I got scammed of all them through email phishing. I only got like 100 LATX left on the LatiumX platform.

  2. taphophilia

    I discovered latium.org by chance after I noticed U had been airdropped 10 LATX in my infinito wallet. I registered and one thing led to another, leading me to your site! I’m glad I did!

  3. Lunapac

    So, I wonder how active the Latium team is on their own project/platform. It took them days to approve the jobs I have completed over a week ago. Now it has been 5 days on pending payment. I like the concept, the project and the flow of the site, but the team needs more help or time management skills.

  4. Lunapac

    So it has been 2 weeks and no response from any Latium Network Employers. I have pending payments for awhile and I doubt they pay them out now. I will give this platform a longer chance, but it seems now that the people that run the platform are either very overworked, have terrible time management skills or flat out lazy bastards.

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